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Thursday, 25 April 2013                           click here to send me a letter

Dear Mike,
My wife is an amateur artist. She remembers the hic bibi brickworks when they were still producing brick.
  She wants to paint some pictures of how the site looked when it was in production but despite extensive searches we connot find any photographs. I would be most greatful if anyone reading your page knows of any photos of the site at the time of production.Many thanks.
Bill Guiver   wguiver1@aol.com





Dear Mike

I thought that readers of this page would like to know that I am an exceptionally well-qualified Computer Engineer and Technician and can now offer my services to the people of Coppull and surrounding areas.
I can deal with all of your home PC issues including:

Home Networking - Wireless networking 
Hardware upgrades - Software installations 
Broadband/Dialup Setup - Security Advice 
New PC Installations - PC Hardware 
Parental Monitoring - Windows Operating Systems 
Word Processing - Spreadsheets 
Email - Databases 
Networking - Internet 
PC Security and Housekeeping (This is an IT term for keeping all of your data backed up and manageable) 

Please check-out my website

Scott Beveridge