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I would like, on behalf of the residents of Coppull, and especially those
who live in Coppull Hall Lane
(including the wildlife),
to thank Woodcock's Farm for the transformation
of the pond area outside the farm entrance 

........... from this ...........

.......To this.......

The area has been landscaped, grassed and planted with trees,
shrubs and ornamental plants and ivy
 as a birthday present to 
Mrs. Barbara Woodcock from her family.

The pond itself has had its sides shored-up and has been ring-fenced to keep children safely outside and equally safe inside for the wildlife that it will contain.

All-in-all it is a splendid achievement and should serve as a lesson to us all on what we can accomplish, with a little hard-work, to improve our properties and our village at no cost to the council-tax payer.