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History Part Two

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The Coppull Band .................
 Was originally founded in 1888 by public subscription.
One of the founder members William Rodgers of 'The Grange' Coppull, later becoming Mayor of Wigan - and the Coppull Band had the honour of leading the Mayoral Procession.
Mr.Tom Jolly was the first conductor, the place of rehearsal was then at the old brickworks on The Cow Moss estate. Later, the 'bandroom' was built in Moss Lane and this public hall became the centre for many Village activities-dances, concerts etc.

 Before St.John's Church was built, Sunday evening services were held in the band room, the morning service being held at Coppull Moor School.
Soon after its formation the Coppull Band began entering competitions, and came second to Black Dyke Mills at Dumfries in the early 1900's.

 Dark Lane Bridge on the boundary of Coppull and Standish had the reputation of being haunted by "Pongi" a large black dog with eyes as big as saucers, and should you ever have set eyes on this dog then death was sure to follow, for "Pongi" was said to be 'the incarnation of Satan'.
The land adjoining "Pongi Bridge" was also part of monastic land,and after the dissolution of the Monastries the monks made up stories of these hauntings to keep people away, because they expected to be back in possession of the land and property. Thy never did come back, of course, but the superstition lingered for a very long time

 There were 18 coal mines in the Birkacre and Whetstone valleys and the coal from Burgh and Birkacre was of excellent quality.
Some of the names of these pits are still remembered;- Drybones, Grimes, Ellerbeck, Burgh Brick and Coal, Duxbury Park, Birkacre, Coppull Hall.
A gravestone in Coppull Parish Church-yard recalls a colliery explosion which took place on the 20th May, 1852...... 36 men lost their lives !
The years between 1850 and 1892 saw the sinking of a number of deep mine shafts. John Pit, Springfield Pit, Blainscough, Hic Bibi, Darlington's, Ellerbeck and Birkacre, The Pearson and Knowles mine later became 'Wigan Coal and Iron', and later still became the 'Chisnall Hall Colliery'

 Coppull Ring Spinning Mill was opened in 1906 and Mavis Mill opened in 1908, these two mills employed around 700 workers.

 The plot of land on which the 'Memorial Gardens' is situated, opposite Park Road, was given to the village by Mr. J. B. Almond, to be made into a garden of Remembrance for those from the village killed in the first and second 'World Wars'
Mr. James Baxendale, bought the remainder of the Springfield site.
He gave a plot for the building of a manse for the Methodist Minister and gave his name to the site 'James Place'. He also donated to Coppull Band the freehold of the land fronting the band room. Two other plots of land were sold to Lancashire County Council on which are now built the Health Centre and the Public Library.
The remainder of Mr Baxendale's 'Springfield' was given to the village to be used as a playing field with Coppull Parish Council being appointed trustees and given the responsibility for seeing that his wishes were upheld.

 Mr. Arthur Hill, son of the landlord of 'The Railway Hotel' was a qualified dentist and teeth were extracted on the premises and a glass of Port was included in the charge.

 'Paddy Grant's Theatre' was at the rear of the Springfield Hotel, and in Regent Street was the first village cinema known as 'The Picture Palace', later to become 'The Regency' dance hall.

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